KaVo Key 3 Laser

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KaVo Key 3 Laser in Delta, BC

The Key 3 laser dentistry system is manufactured by KaVo, U.S.A. and uses a pulsed erbium:YAG (er:YAG) laser. This is a gentle and cool laser with such a short pulse that your nerves never have time to notice it so you’ll feel no pain.

It penetrates to microscopically shallow levels, which makes it very precise, and it works silently.

What the Key 3 laser does:

  • Destroys bacteria in seconds, even from deep pockets between the tooth and the gum
  • Eliminates the need for dental drilling or anesthetics
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Penetrates microscopically tiny pockets where gum disease can begin
  • Gives your dentist continuous feedback as to whether tartar is still present, and when none is left, it switches itself off. That means that the laser will be used exactly as much as necessary for cleaning and no more
  • Provides a fast, safe, and effective way to do root canals, scaling and planing of tooth and root surfaces, and other dental procedures that have traditionally been uncomfortable and invasive
  • Seals the gum tissue to prevent infection and promote faster healing after dental surgery

The future of dentistry has arrived. Lasers have been used successfully for years in a wide variety of medical treatments from laser eye surgery to cosmetic procedures. Now laser technology allows your dentist to work quicker, with increased precision, while offering you the ultimate in comfort. For more information on Laser Technology, please click here.

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(604) 943-2291



(604) 943-2291

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