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An IntraOral dental camera is one way we can show you your teeth as we see them. It’s a tiny video camera about the size of a pen. It has a disposable cover to prevent contamination and, as it’s moved from tooth to tooth, you can see a video on the computer screen nearby.

If it seems to us that you need some dental work, you can see the reason. The images can be stored and kept in your record; they can also be enlarged to show greater detail.


Advantages of an IntraOral camera

  • It shows us details that we could miss in a traditional visual examination
  • It provides accurate and detailed monitoring as your treatment progresses
  • It allows you to see your teeth as we see them, which allows you to understand more clearly what procedures might be necessary and why
  • It’s a good way to see how well you’ve been doing with your dental hygiene. By seeing exactly where plaque has built up on your teeth, you can adjust the way you brush and floss, to prevent it from building up again

You have the option of watching these images or not. If you’re curious and want to better understand what plaque or other dental problems look like, you can get a close-up view, but if you’d rather just let us do our job, you don’t have to look at the images.

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