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When our teeth start to decay, we don’t necessarily feel it nor can our dentist necessarily see it without technological help.


What is a DIAGNOdent unit?

It’s a device that uses a laser beam to find tiny areas of tooth decay. This laser’s wavelength makes the bacteria look fluorescent, which raises the numerical reading on the DIAGNOdent unit, exactly identifying the decayed areas.

  • It comes with a hand piece that our Delta, BC dentists use as a probe, and which transmits the tiny laser beam into your tooth
  • The tip of this hand piece is removable and is always sterilized before use on another patient
  • The unit gives a digital readout of numbers which our dentists can interpret and use as the basis for treatment. A higher number indicates the presence of more bacteria
  • It’s small and runs on 5 AA batteries

This technology saves you time, money and pain, and allows us to accurately locate and treat even the tiniest cavities before they enlarge and cause serious tooth damage.

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