CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

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CEREC One-Visit Dentistry in Delta, BC

The CEREC 3 system is a computer-aided design and manufacturing system specifically designed for creating precise, custom dental work right in the office.

We use our CEREC 3 system to make restorative ceramic dental work: crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers.

CEREC 3 restorations are milled from a solid block of ceramic material so that your new restoration not only looks just like natural tooth material, but functions like it too. In fact, the ceramic materials we use are even harder and more durable than natural dental enamel.

Benefits of the CEREC 3 system are:

  • The ceramic materials used are bio-compatible
  • Previously complicated procedures can now be completed in a single appointment
  • It includes computer-aided design for a perfect, natural appearance
  • It provides precision manufacturing for perfect comfort
  • It provides unparalleled quality of materials and precision
  • It yields products that are long lasting and durable
  • It’s the most cost-effective tooth restoration technique available today

Using our CEREC 3 computer aided system, we can create even complicated restorations in less than an hour right here in our office. This saves you time and money, and provides you with the unparalleled precision and quality of computer imaging and manufacturing.

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(604) 943-2291



(604) 943-2291

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