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​For most dentists, the procedure for dental implants takes two appointments and you have a waiting time of a few months between having the titanium root implanted and having the tooth fitted to it.

This is because the bone needs time to grow around the implant and in effect make the implant part of itself. This makes the implant very strong as a tooth root. The tooth is not attached to the implant until this growth has finished.

We can often use a system that allows you to have your entire procedure completed in a single office visit, in about an hour. How is this possible?

Using our Procera System

This system makes 3-D images of your teeth using CAD-CAM technology, based on the CT images we send it. No physical impression needs to be taken of your teeth because all the planning and designing of your implant and artificial tooth is done by the computer. This makes it extraordinarily precise.

It then designs the exact implant and tooth you need.

A visit is needed for us to get the CT images of your mouth that the Procera system works from. Then when you come in for your “teeth in a day”, they’re already fabricated and ready for you. After a short, non-traumatic procedure, your teeth are in place and you’re ready to go.

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