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Imagine visiting the dentist for a dental exam and finding out you have a cavity. Discovering you have a cavity can be disappointing for anyone, but with preventative dentistry, you can avoid having this happen to you. Preventative dentistry refers to the actions you and your dentist can take to ensure that your smile stays healthy. Let’s look at what can be done at home and at the dentist’s office to keep your smile safe.

At-Home Preventative Dentistry

At-home preventative dentistry is the way that you take care of your teeth. This includes the normal items of brushing and flossing properly, which are the best way for you to prevent tooth decay at home. At-home prevention also includes eating a balanced diet that is low in sugar to reduce the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay.

In-Office Preventative Dentistry

While taking care of your teeth at home is very important, there are also several things that your dentist can do to help keep your smile healthy. By scheduling regular dental exams, your dentist can catch problems early and help point out any issues in your at-home care, and dental cleanings can help clean areas of your teeth that might be difficult to clean at home.

By utilizing preventative dentistry in Delta, you can help make sure that your next dental visit is cavity-free.

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