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Bio Compatible Dentistry in Delta, BC

​At Nature’s Design Dental, we care first and foremost about our patient’s well-being. We pay attention to the connection between oral medicine and the overall health of the body, especially for patients with illnesses or immune deficiencies. It is important to note the effects of dental materials and procedures on our health. We believe dental practices should constantly evolve to find improved solutions and natural alternatives. Alternative Dentistry allows us to explore more biological options to better suit our patients’ needs.

Below are a few links to what research tells us about safe practices and the choice of materials in dentistry.

Mercury Usage

We believe in Bio Compatible Dentistry and practices. We choose to treat our patients without using mercury at our clinic. Research shows that a considerable amount of mercury emissions released into the environment come from dental amalgam. They go into the atmosphere, sewer, land and recycling systems. We are particularly concerned about the effects of mercury poisoning on our health and environment. Below are a few links to some articles on the effects of mercury on our health and alternative dentistry.

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